SDV4: New methods and instrumentation for sample preparation

SDV4: New methods and instrumentation for sample preparation

Claire Boulogne (I2BC, Gif/Yvette), Etienne Gontier (BIC, Bordeaux)

Keywords: Préparation d’échantillons, Analyse Chimique, 3D-SEM, Freeze-Drying, Résine


The purpose of this symposium will be to present results based on the latest innovations in sample preparation. The major themes would be based on 2 axes, particularly for sample preparation problems: (i) chemical imaging and (ii) 3D‐SEM.

Chemical imaging involves a wide variety of microscopies, as well as photonic (synchrotron imaging, IR spectroscopy, X‐ray) and electron microscopy (EELS and EDX). Sample preparation in chemical imaging often requires a compromise between resolution and detection sensitivity. The use of analytical systems coupled with high‐resolution instruments (Synchrotron type or electron microscope) poses a real challenge in terms of sample preparation to ensure structures as well as chemical elements. Different tracks (cryo‐fixation, Freeze‐drying ...) can be presented at the symposium.

3D‐SEM has been exploded in recent years. The various instruments used to make the serial section in a SEM (SBF‐SEM, FIB‐SEM, array tomography) are spreading more and more, and it is now clear, the SEM becomes the main equipment to explore a sample in 3D. The improvement of 3D‐SEM resolution involves the development of new sample preparation techniques (cryofixation, resin‐less systems, conductive resins, etc.) specifically addressing the problems of SEM image acquisition. These developments will be presented at the symposium.

Programme and communication abstracts

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