SdV2: Cryométhodes 2 : Cellulaires / Tissulaires : applications et développements

SdV2: Cryométhodes 2 : Cellulaires / Tissulaires :  applications et développements

A. Leforestier (Paris Saclay), P. Schultz (IGBMC, Strasbourg)

Keywords: cellular ultrastructure, cellular structural biology, high pressure freezing, cryo-sections, cryo-lamella, cryo-electron tomography

Invited speakers: B. Thanmay (Oxford), TBA


Recent developments in cellular and tissue cryo-methods offer the possibility to describe their organization at the molecular level. A set of low temperature technologies have to be combined to preserve the cellular ultrastructure as well as possible by cryo fixation, to open a window in the cell by cryo sectionning or cryo lamella milling, to reconstruct the cell volume by cryo electron tomography and to determine the sociology of the molecules present in this volume. The opportunity to visualize molecules in action in their cellular context without having to purify them and thus separate them from their partners is a major revolution in the field of biology. Many technical difficulties remain to be overcome in order to democratize these approaches, to recognize unambiguously small or scarce molecular machines, or to improve the resolution of three-dimensional reconstructions. The ambition of this session is to present the state of the art and to illustrate recent developments with representative biological applications.


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