SDV2: Tomographies in Life Science

SDV2: Tomographies in Life Science

Irina Gutsche (IBS, Grenoble), Denis Chrétien (IGDR, Rennes)

Keywords: Electron tomography, cryo-electron tomography, sub-tomogram averaging


Electron tomography allows to obtain three-dimensional structures of complex macromolecular assemblies or important parts of cells or even of an entire cell in case of bacteria or simple microorganisms. As the cryo-electron microscopy, this technique could significantly benefit from the recent progress in the domains of instrumentation (high resolution electron microscopes, direct electron detectors) and image analysis. Today cryo-electron tomography coupled to sub-tomogram averaging enables obtainment of subnanometer resolution, thus revealing secondary structures of proteins. During this symposium, we will focus on recent developments linked to electron and cryo-electron tomography.

Programme and communication abstracts

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