SdV1: Cryométhodes : Particules isolées : applications et développements

SdV1 : Cryométhodes : Particules isolées : applications et développements 

C. Plisson-Chastang (LBME, Toulouse), I. Gutsche (IBS, Grenoble)

Keywords: cryo-EM, biological assemblies, structural heterogeneity, single particle analysis (SPA), 3D structure

Invited speakers: A. Goulet (AFMB Marseille), D. Tegunov (Göttingen)


Over the past few years, cryo-electron microscopy has undergone a real revolution and is now widely used to determine atomic 3D structures of biological complexes. The size of the macromolecules accessible to cryo-EM studies is constantly decreasing, the flexibility of these objects becomes an asset for dynamic analyzes rather than an obstacle to resolution, and compositional heterogeneity is no longer a real constraint since the images corresponding to each object type can be sorted and processed separately. This session offers examples of current cryo-EM achievements ranging from recent methodological developments in 3D cryo-EM to the contribution of cryo-EM to various biological problems.

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