SdM4: Spectroscopies, analyses et imageries chimique multi-échelles

SdM4: Spectroscopies, analyses et imageries chimique multi-échelles 

P. Moreau (IMN, Nantes), M. Walls (LPS, Orsay)

Mots clefs : ...

Conférenciers invités : G. Radtke (UPMC, Paris), TBA


The power of microscopy in interpreting phenomena at different scales often lies in its combination with spectroscopy. Chemical analyses and / or maps can then be produced, at micrometric as well as sub-nanometric scales. The diversity of spectroscopies furnishes a wide range of information: elemental composition, vibrational modes or chemical bonding types for example. The same diversity exists in the types of microscopy (electronic, photonic, local probe, etc.), giving a very open and general character to this symposium. Contributions with a strong multi-scale character will therefore be privileged, in particular by showing the interest of the complementarity of techniques and the differences / similarities noted at the different scales. The respective contributions of precise quantitative analyses and phase maps can be highlighted. Reflections on the spatial resolutions attainable as a function of technique, the information sought and the sample considered are also welcome. 

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