SDM4: Spectroscopies

SDM4: Spectroscopies

Marie-Laure David (Pprime Poitiers), Guillaume Radtke (IMPMC, Jussieu)

Keywords: EELS, EDX, cathodluminescence, EBIC


Spectroscopies exploiting various signals arising from the inelastic scattering of electrons by matter are nowadays increasingly employed in electron microscopy to decipher the local atomic and electronic structure of materials. Recent developments in electron optics with the advent of aberration correctors, improvements of electron sources, instrument stability and detector efficiencies indeed promote the electron microscope as a major tool for nano-physics and chemistry. These developments are also accompanied by advances in theory, first-principles modeling of spectra, data acquisition and analysis, eventually allowing for a quantitative interpretation of the signals.

This symposium intends to gather scientific contributions in which spatially resolved spectroscopies are employed in applied or fundamental studies of materials but also contributions dealing with recent developments in theory, modeling, instrumentation or data processing. The scope of this symposium includes all major techniques such as EELS, EDX, Cathodoluminescence or EBIC and covers a broad range of topics ranging from well-established elemental mapping based on core-level electron excitations and near-edge fine-structure analysis to emerging domains like vibrational EELS and advanced signal processing based on compressed sensing.

Programme and communication abstracts

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