SDM3: Diffraction: Crystallography and Microstructure

SDM3: Diffraction: Crystallography and Microstructure

Mayté Caldès (IMN Nantes), Denis Pelloquin (CRISMAT, Caen)

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The in-depth characterization of the nanostructure have become major issues in Materials Science both as well for establishing the crystallographic characteristics of the material studied as for analyzing and understanding the afferent properties. These are closely correlated with the atomic structure but also influenced by nanostructural features such as chemical inhomogenities, extended stacking faults, inclusions or formation of secondary phases at grains boundaries. A multi-scale characterization approach combining diffraction techniques, phase mapping seems therefore essential.

With the generalization of digital acquisition systems, the advent of direct-detection cameras and the development of tomographic methods crystallographic approaches based on electronic diffraction data have particularly developed in recent years. This symposium aims to provide an overview of these advances, which concern all types of materials, including the most unstable, which benefit from rapid acquisition modes of current microscopes.

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