SdM2: In situ and Operando Microscopy

SdM2: In situ and Operando Microscopy

D. Alloyeau (LMPQ, Paris Diderot), R. Podor (ICSM, Marcoule)

Mots clefs : Environmental microscopy, in situ microscopy, liquid, gas, chemical reactions, light injection, mechanical tests, electrical measurements.

Conférenciers invités : K. Masenelli-Varlot (MATEIS, Lyon), O.Ersen (IPCMS, Strasbourg)


Given the close links between the atomic structure and the physico-chemical properties of matter, effective functional materials cannot be developed without knowledge of their structural dynamics in their application media. To meet this challenge, electron microscopes and near-field microscopes have been transformed into nano-laboratories to study the behavior of (nano)materials in well-controlled liquid or gaseous environments and/or in response to electrical, thermal, mechanical and optical excitations. These in situ or operando analyses have opened up new fields of investigation both in materials chemistry (synthesis of nanomaterials, electrochemistry, catalysis, geosciences) and in materials physics (electronics, optics, mechanics). This symposium aims at showing applications of in situ platforms that shed light on the structural and chemical transformations of materials in operation, but also innovative solutions to minimize experimental artifacts and optimize data processing. 

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