SDM2: In-situ and Operando (GN-MEBA)

SDM2: In-situ and Operando (GN-MEBA)

Simona Moldovan (GPM Rouen), Florence Pettinary-Sturmel (CEMES, Toulouse)


This symposium covers the topic of materials evolution under conditions as close as possible to their functioning. The focus is put on the behaviours of various systems under the impact of thermal, mechanical and electrical constraints under vacuum as well as under well-defined environments: gaseous atmosphere combined with high temperature/pressure constraints and liquid environment assisted electron irradiation, thermal and electrochemistry experimentations. By emphasising the relationship between the microstructural changes, the mechanisms involved and their effects on the materials performances, this section covers all aspects and dimensions within the in-situ and operando methodology, in terms of experimental developments and instrumentation. This symposium is intended to bring together the academic and industrial communities concerned by the in-situ experimentation, its development and adaption to industrial procedures and processes.

Programme and communication abstracts

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