SC4: Modeling and Data analysis

SC4: Modeling and Data analysis

Slavica Jonic (Sorbonne Université, Paris), Francisco de la Peña (UMET Lille)

Keywords: Modeling, Simulation, Multidimensional data analysis and processing, Methods, Software, Microscopy


Advances in instrumentation are rapidly increasing the amount, variety and quality of data collected with microscopes and an increasing fraction of this data is becoming available in open access repositories. In this context, modeling, simulation, and data processing are of the utmost importance to all types of microscopy in Life and Materials Sciences. Indeed, more accurate data often requires more sophisticated models for interpretation, which in turn drives the development of better modeling, simulation, and data analysis and processing methods. This symposium will welcome contributions on advances on modeling, simulation, and data processing and analysis for all types of microscopy, including methods and applications. Contributions on software packages, web services, and databases related to these topics are warmly encouraged.

Programme and communication abstracts

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