SC3: Advances in data acquisition

SC3: Advances in data acquisition

Marcel Tencé (LPS Orsay), Xavier Heiligenstein (Curie Paris)

Keywords: 3D electron microscopy, low dose electron microscopy correlative microscopy, Direct Detection, Random scan, Compress Sensing, Ptychography, Pulsed Sources, Pump Probe


Multi-scale Imaging in Biology:

Biology across scales requires generating atlas datasetsm from cell to whole organism. 3D electron microscopy technologies, from cryo-electron microscopy (CryoEM) to electron tomography and Serial Bloc Face Scanning Electron Microscopy (SBF-SEM), allow accurate event localization in a volume to assign physiological informations.

Associated to 3D imaging, correlative light and electron microscopy (CLEM) brings ultrastructure together with dynamic information of target proteins, fluorescent tagged.

New developments in material science focus particularly on:

High brightness pulsed sources and/or synchronous detection allow pump probe experiment with high spatial and temporal resolution.

Material sensitivity is also a problem in analysis. Direct electron sensor and compressed sensing approach with configurable scan devices are emerging. These tools allow dose reduction, larger field of view or smaller experimental time. New signal processing is required. Spatial resolution limit in electron microscopy is also improved. Recent progress in sensors sensitivity and speed give easier access to Ptychography.

Programme and communication abstracts

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