SC2: Scanning Probe Microscopy

SC2: Scanning Probe Microscopy

Loranne Vernisse (Pprime, Poitiers), Félix Rico (INSERM, Marseille)

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Scanning tunneling microscopy (STM), atomic force microscopy (AFM) and other near field approaches are excellent techniques to probe the structural, chemical, mechanical or electronic properties of materials and biological samples.

These microscopies are under constant advancement and the emergence of new technical developments and novel applications keeps increasing. For example, novel approaches in imaging and force spectroscopy modes of AFM in biology are changing our understanding of the dynamics of biological systems, from single molecules to living cells. On its hand, STM is an ideal tool to probe and correlate the structural, electronic and chemical properties of various systems. Therefore, studies go from the electronic transport in molecules to the corrosion processes in metals.

This symposium will focus on new developments and recent applications of near field techniques for material sciences, chemistry and biology.

Programme and communication abstracts

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