SC1: Avancées instrumentales et développements méthodologiques

SC1: Avancées instrumentales et développements méthodologiques

F. Houdellier (CEMES, Toulouse), WL. Ling (IBS, Grenoble)

Keywords: Nouvelles sources, low-dose microscopie, détecteurs non conventionnels, ultrafast, optique adaptative

Speakers: M. Viteau (Orsay Physics), N. Accanto (INSERM, Paris Sorbonne)


Recent instrumental and methodological developments in microscopy benefits applications in both life science and materials science. The demand to study sensitive samples, while pushing the resolution and detection limits of current instruments, is driving developments towards new, more sensitive detectors, faster acquisition and processing methods, and new methods for the preparation and analysis of samples using innovative sources. Topics of this symposium include, but are not limited to, new algorithms and methods to increase the efficiency and to push the limits of microscopes such as pixelized detection in scanning transmission electron microscopy (STEM), unconventional scans, new optical modes like the use of ultra-fast deflectors in pump-probe approaches, microscope automation, etc.

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