Best Micrograph Award

The Best Micrograph Award will be attributed during the conference. It will be sponsored by LFG-Diatome, and will be a diamond (jewellery-type).
Participants who are interested must send their micrograph(s) (optical, photonic, electronic, Atom probe, AFM, STM...) as a file (ideally in TIF; PNG and JPEG are also accepted) to, as well as an authorization to distribute and advertize their image on the website of the conference, and to bring a paper form of their micrograph (A4 size) to be displayed during the conference.


  • A title and short description (150 words maximum), indicating the technique used and the scientific significance, must be added separately to each micrograph.
  • Each micrograph must have scientific significance, and can be subject to processing as long as the scientific content is not modified.
  • Deadline for submission: July 1st, 2019
  • All micrographs will be displayed on the conference website (if the authorization to distribute and advertize is provided by the author).
  • Each participant can submit up to two micrographs.
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